The Health‐care Workers category was launched on the 4th of August 2020 for medical professionals who would work in the UK’s healthcare sector.  Dependents of Health Care Workers may seek to join or remain in the UK alongside their family member.

Here is all you need to learn about the criteria for attaining a dependant visa in  UK for Health and Care Workers.

1 .  Who Can Apply as a Dependent?


According to the UK immigration and visa department, the ‘dependent’ might be any of the following:

  • Your Partner, Wife, or Husband
  • Your Minor Child (Under the Age of 18)
  • If your child is beyond the age of 18 and is already a dependent in the UK

2 . Criteria in the UK for a Health Care Worker Visa holder’s Dependent Partner


To be qualified as a companion of a Health Care Worker Visa holder, you must prove to UK Visas and Immigration that you are at least 18 years old; your partner already has a  Health Care Worker visa or be applying for entry clearance as a Health Care Worker at the same time; or your partner must have settled or become a British citizen, provided that your partner’s last mandate of leave was as a Health Care Worker for acquiring settled status and you had consent as the dependent partner at that time. You should also prove that your partnership is sincere and long-lasting and that you intend to reside in the UK with your spouse for the duration of your visit.

If you are not married or in a civil partnership, you and your partner must demonstrate that you have been living together in a relationship similar to marriage or civil partnership for at least two years, that any previous relationship has ended permanently, and that you are not so closely related that you would be unable to marry or form a civil partnership in the UK.


3 . Requirements to Bring Your Children


To be eligible to get a dependant visa in UK for a Health‐care Worker Visa holder, you must demonstrate that your kid is under the age of 18 at the time of application and that the kid is not living an independent life if he/she is 16 or older. You must also have sufficient housing and care in the UK and demonstrate that both of you will financially support the kid. If your kid was born in the UK and has a birth certificate with both parents’ names, or if your spouse has a Health Care Worker visa, is applying at the same time, or is a British citizen, he or she may qualify as a dependant. If your spouse is well established or is a British citizen, or if they have worked as a Health Care Worker when they were settled, your kid will have been able to receive permission to be a dependent child at the time.


4 . Financial Requirements


If the Health Care Worker has been in the UK for less than 12 months, you will need to have a minimum of £286 for yourselves, £315 for the first dependent child, and £200 for each other dependent child. Your partner’s work may additionally reimburse the fees for you and your children up to a certain amount. However, if your partner has been in the UK for any more than 1 year, the financial criteria have been satisfied and no money is required.


5 . The Process for Applying as a Dependent


An online application form is used to apply for Health Care Worker Visa dependant visas for UK. Depending on whether you are applying from within the UK or overseas, each dependent may need to fill out a separate form.

After submitting an application, you must go to a visa application centre to register your biometrics. Based on the availability of slots, you may be obligated to pay for one. If registering from outside the UK, an applicant may be able to upload the papers before the appointment. For accuracy, double-check the procedure for the nation where you wish to apply.


6  . The Application Fees


Health Care Visa applicants and their dependents are eligible for the dependant visa in UK fee discount. The visa cost for each dependant is £232 if the certificate of sponsorship has been granted for less than three years, and £464 if the certificate of sponsorship has been issued for more than three years.


7 . Duration of Stay as a Dependent of a Health and Care Worker Visa Holder


If your petition for becoming a dependent of a Health Care Worker Visa holder is successful, your visa will be expired on the same date as your partner. Unless both parents are established or are British nationals, a dependent kid’s visa will expire on the same day as the parents.


8 . Can a Dependant partner work in UK?


Yes, one can work on dependant visa in UK freely, but not as a nurse. Nursing practitioners must apply NMC registration before practice as a Nurse in the UK.

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