IELTS | OET – “Virtual Passports To Unlimited Opportunities Around The World!”

Are you a student seeking suitable courses at a reputed university abroad?


An employee wanting to secure a better job overseas?


An experienced professional longing to migrate and settle down in top developed countries?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then taking IELTS is a must for you

Are you a qualified Healthcare professional looking forward for a rewarding career Abroad? especially in one of the best English-speaking nations?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then taking OET is just for you!


International English Language Testing System or simply IELTS is the evaluation process of non-English personal from other countries looking for further studies or job or migration to English countries viz. USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.

A test pattern jointly developed by English language authorities like Cambridge, IDP, British Council, etc, IELTS evaluates your overall competency in English language including listening, speaking, reading and writing comprehension.


The Occupational English Test or OET is specifically for healthcare professionals. This is specially developed by CBLA (Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Trust), jointly established by the reputed Box Hill Institute and Cambridge Assessment English.

OET can be taken by healthcare professionals in the following streams – nursing, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, radiography, dietetics, podiatry, veterinary science, optometry, speech pathology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. OET too follows the similar pattern of evaluation, like the IELTS, covering all main aspects of language (listening, speaking, reading and writing). A valid OET score certifies your eligibility to work in English healthcare environment, and is recognized by major English countries.

Types of Tests

For aspiring students and working professionals IELTS is generally offered in two modes – IELTS Academic and IELTS General, respectively. Both the patterns will be covering all aspects in English (listening, reading, writing and speaking) but the reading and writing comprehension may vary for academic and general purpose. Usually, listening, reading and writing assessments are done first, followed by speaking test. As OET is more specific, it is offered in single mode.

IELTS results are normally published as bands that range from 1 to 9. OET results range from the score of 0 to 500, which is mapped to letter grades – E to A (lowest to highest). An IELTS score of 6 or above is generally desirable to process your entry into the best English-speaking countries, whereas a grade of C or above is the same for OET.

How to take the test?

Both IELTS and OET can be taken either offline or computer-based. More provisions are being provided nowadays for online mode, and OET can also be taken at own home.

What Career Grids offers

By now you might have understood the relevance of IELTS and OET, and more than that, the importance of securing a good score in these.

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