There certainly have been changes happening all around the world concerning international immigration laws and careers. Many international job regulations are modified now to accommodate the smooth immigration of international medical recruits. The medical field is now more than ever in need of sincere and qualified medical professionals. Today we know the true power of valuable medical faculty. Here are a few updates regarding changes brought about by the UK government in favour of overseas Health care professionals.

Visa extension for immigrant NHS workers:

The pandemic period has led to amendments in the extension of Visa for medical professionals including nurses and midwives. For all those medical experts whose Visa expires before October 2020 can now relax. The Visa renewal period for those internationals present in the UK is notably extended to a whopping 12-month period. To add this, the Visa extension for all medical professionals and their dependents in the UK is completely free. This is not all; the NHS has also allowed the extension of the time frame for the aspiring immigrant nurses who are due for their skills test. They can leisurely complete their skills test by the end of this year. This ensures job security and valuable contribution upfront as a medical specialist during the present COVID 19 situations.

IHS temporarily cancelled and easy refund of HIS:

The immigration health surcharge (IHS) was paid by all immigrants in the UK including the Health care workers. However, recently it was announced by the UK government that all NHS recruits don’t have to pay the health surcharge until further notice. This is another way the UK government has adopted to appreciate the true efforts of all those wonderful people who have made valuable contributions in the medical field during this pandemic situation. This cancellation of health surcharge also extends to the dependents of the NHS workers.

There have been amendments concerning the tier 2 Visa application. People who have applied for tier 2 Visa from 31st March onwards must have paid the IHS. But now they can apply for a refund of the same. Once again, this refund is extended to the immigrating dependents as well. The refund process can be initiated by filling in the appropriate form available on the official website of the UK home office. Be sure to get the Visa approval before you begin the refund process.

Latest updates on IELTS and CBT validity:

Begin your career progress by polishing your English-speaking skills. Attempt, and clear the IELTS/ OET exam. There is a lot of stress in English communication skills, as many employers believe that only with effective communication can the patients be served well and effectively.

Certain impermanent measures introduced by NMC allow evidencing of skill in the English language within 6 months from the date of expiry. This is valid for those in the UK with an expired IELTS certificate between 24th March 2020 and 20th January 2021. For candidates who have obtained a satisfactory ILET score with expiry before 20th January 2021 must arrive in the UK before the IELTS expiry or redo the Exam. For nurses whose IELTS scorecard is expired before 23rd March 2020, they have to attempt the exam again to progress with the NMC registration completion. Also, to note is that CBT validly is extended to 6 months for CBT results expiring between March and December 2020.

OET at Home? – Yes, You Can:

Earlier there was news about online OET becoming accepted by NMC UK and now it’s official. NMC UK has announced OET from home as acceptable and valid. Medical professionals can have a go at OET from home after 10th October 2020.

Formerly OET exams could only be attempted from recognized test venues around the world. But today the change in test-taking venues can help a lot of aspiring medical professionals to realize their dreams.