Study MBBS | MD | MS | BDS | MDS Abroad

The Choice of dream destinations: Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Italy and more.

Why to Study MBBS/ Medicine related courses abroad?

Are you an aspiring doctor? Studying medicine your greatest dream? Then you have taken the right choice already! because in this world of increasing competition and highly competitive job market Medicine is perhaps the only field where the demand exceeds the supply!

Yes, as a matter of fact in a large populous country like India the gap between numbers of qualified doctors and vacancies are gradually widening. Why? The answer is, here the number of medical college institutions (both government and private) are still less and the competition for admission is becoming more & stiffer. Getting admission in a good medical institution is a major concern nowadays, as it is like about 300 students competing for a single seat!So how will you pursue your dream medical degree that too in a reputed institute at moderate fees? This puzzle seems to be insolvable; but there is a solution – Destination abroad.

Is studying abroad beneficial?

At first this will sound like impractical to you. Even studying medicine in India is expensive so how it is like in developed nations where the living standards are high? But that is most amazing fact. In countries like Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Italy etc. the cost of education is much low when compared – Just about one-third of the total expenditure incurred in India. More than that, in these countries you don’t have to pay lump sum donation amount to secure the admission.

Their entrance exam is also easy, you can get through it with proper guidance. With plenty of medical universities to choose from, all recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and medical council of India (MCI) as well, you will be getting a more worthy international medical degree in much better living conditions that too at much lesser costs!

What is like studying MBBS / medicine related courses abroad?

High quality lifestyle, Calm, pleasant living conditions, low cost of living and enjoyable climate all these effectively sums up the life in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Italy etc., not to mention Philippines, a destination that is fast catching up with the rest in terms of the above-mentioned facilities.

By opting for one of these overseas destinations you will be spending the most memorable time in your life – an academic phase with worldwide exposure.

What will be your future prospects?

You will be studying in one of the best medical institutions / universities in the world, where you will be exposed to a whole new world with advanced medical facilities, a multitude of talents from different parts of the world, which in turn will open up plentiful opportunities for a lucrative international career in medicine.

You will be that privileged medical professional sought after by leading international hospitals, something lacked by those who study in local institutions.

What are the admission requirements?

The requirements of MBBS / BDS admission in the above mentioned aboard destinations is almost the same as in case of admissions in India, except that you don’t need to qualify in medical entrance exam conducted in India.

For post graduate admissions to courses like MD / MS / MDS, one must possess a valid degree in medicine, MBBS, from a recognized medical Institution.

How Career Grids can help you?

Studying medicine abroad is of course beneficial for you in every way, but to make the right move in the right direction, right guidance is a must because it’s a matter of your future and you can’t afford any mistakes. That’s where Career Grids comes forward for you.

As always, we have already done our homework before assisting you by establishing tie-ups with best medical universities (in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, Philippines etc.), which are all reignited by Indian Medical Council and Word Health organization.

Once you are with us, we will be covering A to Z details of your admission process:

  • Starting from counseling
  • Selection of university
  • Guidance in admission process
  • Guidance in securing education load (if need)
  • Completed travel assistance – including pre departure, forex guidance, post departure and
    finally to settling down in the destination of your choice.

“We will see to it that your dream is fulfilled as we are not just another agent but a professional consultant that has only real time solutions for your successful Career Ahead.”