Nursing is a very noble profession that can be highly rewarding both professionally and emotionally.The UK is one of the most popular job destinations for those who wish to build a fruitful career in nursing. Their revised and friendly laws make it possible for people from different countries to work and earn comfortably as successful nursing professionals in the UK.

To work in the UK as a Registered Nurse, a candidate should be aware of certain prerequisites. The first and foremost requirement would be NMC Overseas Registration.

What is the NMC registration?

NMC stands for ‘The Nursing and Midwifery Council’. NMC is the regulatory body that identifies and sets standards for trained and skilled professionals in the field of Midwifery and Nursing. In the UK, NMC plays a prime regulatory role for nurses and midwives. NMC ensures the public has access to safe and trained professionals. NMC registration form is available on the official NMC website.It is only after the registration with the NMC that a candidate will be allowed to work in the UK as a Registered Nurse.

Need to meet the following NMC registration requirements to be able to register with the NMC:

Documents Required for the Initial Assessment:
  1. A valid educational certificate in nursing degree/diploma.
  2. A valid Nursing registration certificate from the country the candidate has practiced in
  3. A valid English Language proficiency certificate
  4. The International English Language Test System (IELTS) (should have at least 6.5 in writing and 7 in reading, listening, and speaking).


  1. The Occupational English Test (OET)(should have grade B in listening, reading, speaking, and grade C+ in writing).

Once the candidate is sure to possess the above-mentioned must-haves,can confidently move ahead to start the NMC registration process.

The following text will give a step by step guidance on how to register with the NMC,related exams, the NMC registration fees, and so on.

Step-by-Step Guide for the NMC Registration Process

Step 1:Pass the eligibility self-assessment

The NMC international registration process begins by completing a self-assessment online. For this, a candidate has to create an account on the NMC website, upload and submit the Identity document, educational certificate& Nursing registration document from their home country. At this point,a candidate needs to make a payment of £140 for the Initial Assessment.

Once the eligibility is confirmed,the candidate will receive an Email from the NMC to proceed further to take the competency exam Computer Based Test(CBT) through Pearson VUE.

Step 2: Qualify the Computer Based Test

The NMC test of competence will verify the knowledge and skills based on any one of the four fields the candidates chose to specialize in. These fields are Adult nursing, Children’s nursing, Learning disabilities nursing, and Mental health nursing. The candidate will only attempt the distinct CBT for the field that they are seeking UK NMC registration.The NMC test for nursing registration will consist of two parts. Part 1 is the CBT consisting of 120 multiple choice questions and can be attempted from any authorized Pearson VUE test center in their home country. A payment of £83 is required to book the CBT exam.

The time limit for the test is 4 hours. Each question’s answer will be marked either correct or incorrect, there is no negative marking. Once the CBT is cleared then the candidate will be provided a pass or fail certificate within 48 hours of the exam attempt.

Step 3: Additional document submission

Part 2 of the NMC Registration process starts here,

Documents to be uploaded:
  1. Police Clearance Certificate
  2. Language Proficiency Certificate
  3. Declaration of good health from GP
  4. Registration Payment of £153

After the document verification, the assessment is complete,NMC will process the application and respond within 60 days.Earlier the NMC used to send a Decision letter to the candidates, under the new process which implemented in October 2019, instead of sending the decision letter the NMC will be sending an email to the candidates to proceed for the OSCE exam. The objective structured clinical examination(OSCE) is a hands-on nursing or midwifery exam which can be done only in the UK at a selected test center.

Step 4: Passing the OSCE

Once the candidate has arrived in the UK, will be guided for placement at a hospital, where they will be provided with the required amount of training before appearing for the OSCE exam. OSCE is a practical examination that tests nursing knowledge in a simulated clinical environment. The OSCE test based on current UK pre-registration standards assesses the candidate’s nursing or midwifery skills. It can be cracked easily with proper guidance and knowledge.

The exam fee for OSCE is £794. Candidate can attempt this exam three times for a single application. If unsuccessful in the first attempt, the candidate will have to wait for 10 working days to attempt the exam again. If the candidate unsuccessful again on the second attempt they have to wait for 10 more working days to attempt the exam again and that’s the maximum number of tries offered to the candidates to crack the OSCE exam.

Once the candidate has completed the OSCE exam, they will receive an update from the NMC confirming the NMC Registration is Done and a Nursing Registration PIN is allocated to the particular individual.This will mark the end of the registration process and a new beginning of a wonderful Nursing career ahead in the UK.

Summary of NMC Registration Fees:

Particulars Amount in GBP
Initial Assessment Fees £140.00
CBT Exam Fees £83.00
OSCE Exam Fees £794.00
NMC Register Admission £153.00

Get in touch with us, and make informed career decisions, let the experts guide you through the NMC registration process, and a fruitful Nursing career in the UK. Remember a successful nursing career in the UK is just a call away.