To become a nurse one needs commitment, patience, and a true sense of service towards mankind. There are many countries offering plenty of opportunities for nursing professionals. The UK is one of the most popular choices for many who wish to build their nursing career. So, what makes the UK such a favorite among nursing professionals?

When you look for a job that would help you build a successful future for yourself, you look for various job benefits like a competent salary, quality of life that the job would provide you and your family, and value of the job experience. A nursing opportunity in the UK will satisfy all these criteria. 

UK has a very robust and free healthcare system, the NHS. The NHS plays a key role in controlling, supervising, and overseeing the nursing sector in the UK. Fortunately, the NHS recruits competent nursing professionals from around the world and therefore you can also be a part of this fantastic healthcare system.

Nurse life in the UK

If you decide to go ahead with a career in the UK, you need to know a bit about the life of nurses in the UK. Once appointed as a registered nurse, you will be very soon placed in a suitable medical facility where you can effectively contribute as a nursing professional. Initially, you will be given the training to familiarize yourself with the way of your work at your new job arena. You can schedule your job timings or shifts one month prior, so you will know exactly when you will have day shifts and night shifts. This will allow you to plan your non-working hours appropriately. Typically, a nurse who works for the NHS has a holiday on all bank holidays. You will also have a certain fixed number of leaves that you can use to explore the UK or spend leisure time with your family.

If you don’t mind doing a little extra you can choose to work overtime or work on a bank holiday and you get compensated extra for the same. For nurses working under the NHS, medical coverage is provided. So, in the UK, you not only get paid handsomely but you are well taken care of. Read on to find the summed-up benefits of becoming a nurse in the UK.

Benefits of being a nurse in the UK

  1. Excellent salary package- Overseas nurses starting salary is around £24,214, it will help them to build a successful life in the UK.
  2. Free medical treatment for all- All your medical expenses will be almost free.
  3. Paid holidays- Typically an overseas nurse gets 27 paid holidays per year, this includes bank holidays.
  4. Pension schemes- Right when you begin your nursing career with the NHS, you will be enrolled for a pension scheme to ensure a smooth retirement plan.
  5. Work-life balance- You will have comfortable working hours which will ensure you ample time to spend with your family.
  6. Help and support- There are effective support systems for overseas nurses that will help you get settled in the country and will ease you into the work environment smoothly.
  7. Excellent work experience- You will have access and exposure to the latest facilities in the nursing profession.
Please follow these bits of advice for nurses if you are truly looking forward to a vibrant future in the UK.
  • If you wish to pursue a nursing career in the UK, planning is vital.
  • Research a lot about the various options available in the UK.
  • Read about the prerequisites for becoming a successful nursing professional in the UK.
  • Complete your basic tests required for entry into the country. 
  • A visa is mandatory along with an NHS and NMC registration for working within the UK. 
  • NHS registration could take some time as it is a two-step process involving a lot of documentation, so plan accordingly.