Requirements & Qualifications to work as a nurse in Ireland:

  • Ireland’s nurse qualification requirement is that you must have a nursing degree and have a minimum of 1 year’s experience as a nurse.
  • You have to be registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland.
  • You have to provide substantial evidence to show that your English skills are strong enough to communicate within their professional environment. This covers demonstrating competence in areas such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Applicants should have passed the IELTS exam with a good score to prove this.

Nursing jobs in Ireland are open to all applicants, no matter which country they are from.

Life in Ireland As A Nurse

  • Converse with any nurse and they will tell you that their top dream destination to work in the UK.
  • Nurse life in Ireland is beautiful as it is a quiet country with kind-hearted people. The Irish people are very social so they like to talk more and more interested to know about your country and culture.
  • You will experience changes in your personal life, develop professional knowledge, increase financial stability, and make new lifestyle changes.
  • Once you land a job, you will discover a lot of things to do in Ireland as well as a list of places to visit in Ireland.
  • People’s approaches to nurses are different in some countries but here you will feel much respected and get a homely atmosphere.
  • The hospitals in Ireland are well advanced with new types of equipment.
  • You will be surrounded by friendly and caring colleagues. They are people who help you to adapt and manage new life changes.
  • Managers are so supportive and approachable, nurses will be allowed to request duties, and leaves are permitted as they wish.

 About the NMBI Registration Process

NMBI stands for Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. Every nurse willing to work in Ireland must be registered for it.

The NMBI has segregated the whole process into five steps:

Step 1: Apply on the NMBI website for Overseas Registration Pack

Step 2: Receive the Pack in approximately 3 weeks.

Step 3: Fill in the necessary forms that require evidence of your education, past and current employment, and such.

Step 4: Evaluation – The NMBI will assess and evaluate the documents submitted for approximately 3 months.

Step 5: Decision Letter – Once the evaluation has been done, you will receive the Decision Letter successfully.

In our experience, you’ll have to plan for at least 4-5 months for the registration and the work permit/visa application process.

Even though the registration process doesn’t seem easy, it has fewer procedures and is less frustrating when compared to other countries in Europe.

Salary Range for Nurses in Ireland

In Ireland, nurse salary ranges between thirty thousand euros to 50 thousand euros per year.

  • An entry-level nurse can expect to earn at least €30,000 per year, excluding tips, bonuses, and overtime pay.
  • A nurse with a mid-career can expect to earn €35,000 per year.
  • An experienced nurse can expect to earn €40,000 per year.
  • A nurse who has more than twenty years of experience can expect to earn a minimum of €42,000 per year.

Benefits of Working As A Nurse In Ireland

In Ireland, the benefits of a nurse job are numerous.

  1. PERMANENT JOB: Becoming a nurse in Ireland is an excellent career move because you will always have job security.
  2. SAFE FOR WOMEN; Ireland’s crime rates have historically dropped to low levels in recent years. Even the people residing in Ireland acknowledge them feeling safe when walking alone at night.
  3. GOOD SUPPORT: Guidance and training are provided, especially to newly joined nurses. A mentor is normally assigned to supervise and help them in the first few days.
  4. WIDE RANGE OF WORKPLACES: Nurses are not just needed in hospitals but also clinics and residential homes. Whatever the area or role, being a nurse will always involve caring, listening, nurturing, communicating, and teamwork, with patience and compassion being exercised every day.

There are many other benefits that you’ll find while you work in the Irish Health Service.

  • Sponsorship programs for post-graduate education.
  • Generous annual and public holiday leave entitlements, maternity and parental leave, the shorter working year, and flexible working arrangements.
  • Excellent public service pension.

Nursing in Ireland gives people a great deal of personal fulfillment. Moreover, they know they are making a difference in the lives of many people every single day. Therefore, it is a very popular career path chosen across the world.

On the other hand, this popularity also implies that each year the number of applicants significantly gets higher than Ireland’s nurse vacancy availability, and subsequently, the selection process becomes tightened.

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