Life in the UK

Living in the UK can be wonderful and at the same time overwhelming, it is a great country to live in and work. Whether you are planning to move or moved already, trying to get settled, it’s always good to have prior information.


The cost of weekly groceries depends upon the items bought, from where it is bought and for how many people it’s bought. An average household spends around £54 per week on food.


Public transport is well connected and affordable to make day to day commute. You can avail a weekly, monthly or annual season ticket will substantially reduce the travel fare.


There’s a lot to do and experience as part of art & entertainment, a movie ticket would cost £8 – £12 per person. A live performance or theatre experience would cost more. Keep an eye on shows and listings happening around via online sites.


A broadband connection is around £20 – £25. Buying a phone is fairly simple and the price is almost the same as anywhere else in the world.

Bringing your family to the UK

With the world’s best health care services, top of the line public education system, childcare services and being a country strongly invested in sports and culture the UK is a great place to raise a family. We provide our assistance in bringing your family to the UK, getting employment for your spouse.