The UK is a terrific amalgamation of cultures, beauty, ethnicity, and natural splendour.  If you plan to come to the UK you will never be short of places to visit in the UK. The crowded but beautiful and so British London can put you up to an exploration mode. So what are some of the best attractions in the UK? Read on to find those treasures worth a visit while in the UK.

  1. Historic splendour: There are plenty of historic buildings and structures that have become some of the best UK attractions. While in London, you can visit the famous Buckingham palace where the royalties still live. The palace is open to the public for a decided period between July and October, so check out the ticket availability on their website.  If that doesn’t satisfy your inner historian then there are plenty of beautiful ancient structures like the magnificent Stonehenge in Wiltshire, totally breathtaking. You may also visit the historic Warwick castle where each part of the castle has some mysterious, gruesome, or patriotic story behind it.
  2. Ornate gardens: Chelsea Physic Garden and Royal Botanic Gardens are two of the most splendid and well maintained Jardins you can access while in London. Amidst all the chaos and rush that you could experience in London, It’s simply relaxing. London has successfully preserved a bit of the natural beauty the land holds amidst all the modernization. You can marvel at the variety of rich fauna. If the historic visit previous day wore you off a bit, this is sure to energize and refresh you for exploring other outdoor activities in the UK.
  3. The beaches: The UK has splendid beaches where you can enjoy beachside activities, and soak in plenty of suns (if you visit during summer). Beaches at Brighton and Bournemouth can be your best choice for a complete family Day. You may also enjoy some lip-smacking delicious seafood at the restaurant nearby. There are also less crowded beach areas where you could head to and simply be awestruck by the beauty of the view it offers. The Lands’ End promontory, botanic gardens, Fistral, and Watergate Bay beaches are fantastic options for you to immerse in nature’s beauty.
  4. Museums galore: One of the top attractions in London is the museums of London. The natural history museum, the British Museum, both have plenty of natural and cultural exhibits from around the world. You could also visit the national gallery and give a feast to your creative mind. Compelling beautiful masterpieces adorn the whole place and the best part- it’s free, there is no entry fee.
  5. Amusement park: After all the wonder and brilliance of well-preserved history and exhibits around the world, you could probably head for some historic fun. The UK houses one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, the Blackgang Chine. So head here for some traditional amusement.
  6. The harry potter experience: The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is an absolute must-visit spot for all the harry potter fans. The Warner Bros studios have a fantastic set up where many scenes from the harry potter movies were shot. So immerse yourself in the world of magic and know the background tactics used for the stunning magic tricks shown in the movie. To top it all you can even ride your broom.
  7. Adventure activities: There are plenty of natural mountains and well-preserved forests in the UK. You can go for a hike or climb the challenging mountains out there. Just be sure to read a bit about the terrain and be trek ready before deciding to go for it.
  8. Shopping: You can do the most expensive and the most bargain friendly shopping here in the UK. Close to London and within London, there are plenty of shopping destinations where one can spend a day easily finding the best bargains.  Don’t forget to get British tea or some British chocolate for they are British specialties and make a good souvenir. Bicester Village and Edinburgh’s Victoria Street and Grass market are few of those shopping destinations where you can get access to plenty of variety of items from dresses to jewellery you will have it all here, and what’s best you can bargain a bit. But if you are really up for some spoil self mode, visit one of the top-notch shopping destinations in the UK, the bond street or The kings’ road or The Harrods, and the list goes on.
  9. Food paradise: Don’t worry if you miss your homeland food, because if you search a bit I am pretty sure you will find your homeland specials even here in the UK. But if you are up for a typical English breakfast, then head straight to Blighty’s or the English breakfast club.  For seafood lovers, Prawn on the Lawn in Islington would be a very good place to visit.
  10. Open Top London Bus Tours:: The above-mentioned UK top visits cannot be covered in a day, but if you wish to get a gist of the most popular spots, you can always try the open-top London bus tours. These tours will take you to most of the popular destinations in London and there will also be a guide to provide you with plenty of information regarding the landmark you visit. The most popular landmarks that can be visited using the bus include the London Eye, Tower Bridge, the enchanting Madame Tussauds wax museum, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Big Ben and of course the Buckingham palace. If you visit London during the year-end, then you can enjoy the exquisite Christmas lighting at Oxford Street and try not to miss the awesome fireworks during New Year.

If you plan to be in the UK for some time, you will be amazed how every other day you end up finding something new to explore. This English land is full of pleasant surprises just waiting for you to experience it all.