Attractive salary with the world’s best health care services, top of the line public education system, childcare services, and being a country strongly invested in sports and culture the UK is a great place to raise a family and settle, which have made a nursing career in the UK an awesome opportunity to excel.

The UK proves to be one of the best medical jobs providing country for doctors, nurses, or other medical experts. Nursing jobs abroad for Indian nurses can be a good opportunity to grow professionally in a healthy work environment. Especially in countries like the UK, there are several facilities that overseas nurses enjoy which include complimentary healthcare facilities for the working professional and their dependents.

Why the UK is best for nursing professionals?

By becoming a nurse in the UK, nursing professionals can get a lot of professional exposure and opportunities to grow. But the most important point is that countries like the UK are always in need of skilled, trained medical experts.

The UK welcomes trained medical experts as they need such proficient people to give optimum, uncompromised medical care to the sick. There are plenty of places where one can gain valuable nursing experience in the UK. You can always apply for the NHS which is one of the best health care systems in the world.

At present, due to the pandemic situation, there might be a bit of delay in the UK nurses’ recruitment from India. But the UK has introduced many new policies concerning Visa application and IHS in favour of overseas immigrant medical experts. Besides, also a fast track UK visa processing for nurses.

Benefits of working as a nursing professional in the UK

A nurse joining the NHS is trained and facilitated to allow professional progress and sound family life. An NHS overseas nurse gets a lot of facilities, like accommodation facility on arrival, Visa cost refund, paid training, and so on. You even get a decent share of paid holidays. But the best part is the pay, it’s really good. With optimum experience in the UK and clearing certain examinations, one can get upgraded at the job and this will naturally lead to up-gradation in the payslip. Apart from financial security, you will also be given long term contracts which will provide you ample time to gain varied and valuable experience in the UK.

As per the patient population being treated, there are different types of nurses. If you wish you can also do courses that would help you specialize in a specific health care section.

How to get a nursing professional job in the UK?

If you are interested in working in the UK and you have the experience& required certifications then there is no stopping you. If you are worried about age then please be noted there Is No Age Limit for nurses to work in the UK. You can even begin your nursing career in your 50’s. So, how you plan your career can help you with a lot of decisions to be made along the way.

Clearing the international English language test like IELTS or OET is compulsory. The good news now is that one can attempt the OET even from their home computer. Along with this, you must have a valid job offer, NMC registration in the UK, and a valid Visa.